Our Mission: To improve health and the value of healthcare by comparing and contrasting key drivers and approaches
to addressing healthcare costs and
outcomes across the globe, with a goal
of identifying and promoting successful, relevant, and replicable strategies.

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Synopses of Better Practices
Chronic Illness

Overview of Initiatives Selection:

The following synopses of better practices in chronic illness prevention and management include a cross-section of countries and funding sources. Initiatives are presented from the United States, Europe, Canada, and New Zealand with an emphasis on non-clinical approaches to diabetes prevention and self-management.

These initiatives are organized into five categories: government, private, public-private (including business driven non-profit), traditional non-profit, and research-based. Cases were selected based on SMART criteria (specific, measurable, appropriate, realistic, timely) and GKEN’s founding principles:
  • Preference for private policy/action (that which can be done by organizations without governmental action) over direct influence of public policy.
  • Established and early-stage programs.
  • Developed and developing nations.
  • Evidence based best practices and effective emerging better practices.
  • Focus on wellness.
  • Measurable outcomes.
  • Patient/consumer focus.

Listing of Initiatives

Public-Private Partnerships Impact Health Outcomes for the Better Public Sector Departments Work Together for Health Success Utilization of Premium Cost Can Positively Impact Health Status Community-based Programs and Education Can Lead to Better Health Outcomes Healthy Lifestyle Education in Schools Can Reduce Chronic Illness Risk Factors Workplace Wellness Programs Improve Employee Health