Our Mission: To improve health and the value of healthcare by comparing and contrasting key drivers and approaches
to addressing healthcare costs and
outcomes across the globe, with a goal
of identifying and promoting successful, relevant, and replicable strategies.

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Vision: The Global Exchange will become the recognized neutral venue for evaluating and promoting better practices in achieving cost-effective health outcomes from across industrialized nations.

Mission: To improve health and the value of healthcare by comparing and contrasting key drivers and approaches to addressing healthcare costs and outcomes across industrialized nations, with a goal of identifying and promoting successful, relevant, and replicable strategies.

Outcome: Well-vetted ideas with relevance to industrialized nations’ healthcare cost and delivery systems and cultures, for programs and policies that improve health outcomes and promote individual and systems accountability.
  • Scope: GKEN will identify and publish better practices in the organization, financing, and delivery of care, including elements that influence outcomes and cost. GKEN will source replicable better practices from healthcare systems across industrialized nations.

  • Product: GKEN will disseminate the results of its’ robust interactive knowledge exchange through a variety of media, including printed materials, videos, conferences, toolkits, and a public internet site. The website will provide information on healthcare better practices and promote cost-effective healthcare improvements to a wide audience across industrialized nations.



  • All Industrialized nations are faced with escalating healthcare cost, aging populations, dramatic rise in chronic disease, unrealistic public expectations and out of control technology cost. Each nation is working to constructively tackle these challenges. GKEN is closing this gap by creating an international communication exchange platform where these nations can share their experiences.

  • GKEN’s purpose is to identify and promote the awareness and adoption of existing and emerging better practice models and promising new health systems models across industrialized nations. GKEN favors the promotion of better practices that do not require legislation, international treaties or large sums of money, yet when adopted can improve health systems on a global basis.

  • Who is GKEN? The GKEN initiative is an ongoing collaborative, vibrant, brain trust of leading health experts; medical, business, governmental and consumer interests from around the world. We are funded by a 3 year unrestricted grant from CIGNA Foundation.

  • The IOM in the US estimates that there is an 18 year lag time between conception and common practice of new medical practices. GKEN is working to compress that time.

  • GKEN will promote its well vetted selection of better health practices and emerging strategies through traditional and non-traditional channels including, but not limited to, peer reviewed journals, conferences, popular media outlets, the GKEN interactive website and newer web offerings in the web 2.0 and 3,.0 category.

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    • Hessisches Ministerium für Arbeit, Familie und Gesundheit Referatsleitung Prävention, Germany
    • Global Director of Health Services, Dow Chemical, US
    • President, Bantham Consulting, Former General Counsel to PhRMA, US
    • President, CIGNA , US
    • Founder and President Applied Communications Institute, Former Director, Special Campaigns and Promotions, AARP, USA
    • Chief Executive, NHS Northwest, UK
    • Newhealth, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK
    • Chairman & CEO, CIGNA, US
    • President, Stockholm Network and Health Consumer Powerhouse, Sweden
  • Maria Hofmarcher-Holzhacker
    • Institute of Advanced Studies France, Austria
  • Kim Houston
    • Executive Committee, everythingHEALTH LLC
    • Pres., Health Diplomats, Immediate Past Pres. World Medical Association, Switzerland
    • President i–Genius
    • Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain
    • VP Market Intelligence, CIGNA HealthCare, US
    • Founder and President of International Health Consulting
    • Professor, National University of Singapore
  • CC Luk
    • Cluster Chief Executive, Hong Kong Hospital Authority
    • CEO, National League for Nursing, US
    • Clinical Prof. of Surgery, Emory Univ.; Past Pres., American Cancer Society, US
    • Vice President, U.S. Benefits, Walmart, US
    • Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Quest Diagnostics, Inc. US
    • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Alliant University, US
    • Former CEO, Premier Inc., USA
    • Fellow, National Opinion Research Center, U. Chicago; Principal, O'Grady Health Policy, LLC, US
    • Former Chief of Staff to the president Wellpoint
    • Executive Director of the Oxford Alliance
    • Principal, Health Innovations LLC & Chairman, World Doc, US
    • VP, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan; Director, Kaiser Institute for Health Policy, US
    • (former) Assoc. Dean for Academic Affairs & Lecturer on Law, Yale Law School, US
    • CEO, American Cancer Society
    • SVP, HealthCare Strategy & Marketing, CIGNA HealthCare, US
    • Chief Executive, Hong Kong Hospital Authority, China
    • Managing Director of Zentralinstitut für die kassenärztliche Versorgung (ZI), Germany
    • President and CEO, International Joint Commission, US
    • Vice President, Nat’l Retail Federation, US
    • CEO, Nat’l Assoc of Health Underwriters, US
    • Principal, Towers Perrin
    • CEO, Multimedia Systems International/Argon Global Healthcare
  • Jo Webber
    • Deputy Policy Director, NHS Confederation, UK
    • Professor & Dean, Vanderbilt University, School of Nursing, US