Our Mission: To improve health and the value of healthcare by comparing and contrasting key drivers and approaches
to addressing healthcare costs and
outcomes across the globe, with a goal
of identifying and promoting successful, relevant, and replicable strategies.

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Synopses of Better Practices
Health Promotion and Wellness

Overview of Initiatives Selection:

The following case summaries of diverse Health Promotion and Wellness Programs include a cross-section of countries and and funding sources (for-profit and non-profit.). This grouping of 22 case summaries includes initiatives from ten emerging and developed countries representing Europe, North America, Africa, Australia, and Asia. Case examples range from established practices (e.g. get fit city programs) to emerging practices (genetic counseling programs).

These initiatives are organized into four categories: government, for-profit, traditional non-profit, and business-driven non-profit. Cases were selected to fulfill GKEN’s founding principles representing:
  • Private policy/action (that which can be done by organizations without governmental action) over direct influence of public policy
  • Established and early-stage programs.
  • Developed and developing nations.
  • Evidence based best practices and effective emerging better practices.
  • Focused on wellness.
  • Measurable outcomes.
  • Patient/consumer focus.

Listing of Initiatives

Companies Target Employee Waistlines to Improve Bottom Lines Private Action Supports Public Good: HIV/AIDS Awareness Programs Communities Improve Health One Step at a Time Private Sector Sets Aside Competition in Favor of Healthcare Collaboration Children’s Health Programs Promote Life Long Health Government Programs Address Gaps in Health Services