Our Mission: To improve health and the value of healthcare by comparing and contrasting key drivers and approaches
to addressing healthcare costs and
outcomes across the globe, with a goal
of identifying and promoting successful, relevant, and replicable strategies.

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Synopses of Better PracticeS
Individuals Taking Action

Healthwise®, Inc is a nonprofit organization which seeks to help people make better, more informed health decisions. Healthwise helps patients/consumers learn how to do more for themselves, ask for the care they need, and say “no” to the care they don’t need. Information is disseminated though the Healthwise handbook a guide to self-directed care and online resources. Healthwise contracts with health plans, hospitals, disease management companies, and health web sites to provide up-to-date, evidence-based information to the people they serve. Click here to read the full synopsis.

The healthcare system in Denmark, a publically funded system, is well known for its high level of IT support and interoperability. As part of a larger IT strategy, the Danish Minister of Health announced in 2003 the goal of implementing electronic personal health records (EHR) system in primary care practices and hospitals within two years. Although the two year goal was not met, primary care practices have made great strides at reaching full penetration (90% by 2006); however hospitals have lagged much further behind due to a lack of a centralized system and common EHR format. Click here to read the full synopsis.

Maine’s Treatment Initiative sought to increase access to effective treatments to reduce or eliminate tobacco dependence. Based on the belief that tobacco treatment interventions are most effective when delivered in the context of a comprehensive program, the Initiative includes several components: 1) a Tobacco HelpLine, 2) a nicotine replacement therapy provided through the Medication Voucher program and 3) a Tobacco Treatment Training Program designed to educate health professionals about tobacco dependence. Click here to read the full synopsis.